LJM InfoTech works across many technologies to open your businesses options to the world of digital enterprises.

With new technologies entering the marketplace every day, it's hard to keep up. You need to rely on a strong partnership with LJM InfoTech to help you choose the right technology needed for your business today and for the future.

LJM Infotech can be trusted the task of recommending technology that performs better and faster, provides the right tools and user experience, that powers your information to provide your business with the knowledge to grow and prosper.

LJM InfoTech works across many technologies to open your businesses options to the world of digital enterprises. We team with leading technology companies across the globe -


Workday software is a HR and finance system that offers businesses and users a single application for managing leave entitlements, payroll and rosters.

Its many functions within the application allow businesses to cut the number of HR platforms it uses.

SumTotal Payroll

SumTotal Payroll and Benefits Management solutions offer configurable tools to provide error-free processing and timely pay and benefits especially for businesses with distributed workforces and changing business needs.

Amazon Web Services

Leaders in cloud technologies, LJM InfoTech help businesses utilise Amazon’s computing web services such as Amazon A3, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS as part of their strategic digital technology.

Microsoft Azure

Considered the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market, Microsoft Azure is used as cloud technology for governments, start-ups and 90% of Fortune 500 businesses.

Blue Prism (for Robotic Process Automation)

Blue Prisms’ robotic process automation gets better and better – the more it learns, the more productive and efficient it becomes. Now isn’t this how you want to run your digital technology - turn your energies to real business.

Automation Anywhere (Robotic Process Automation)

As the name suggests, the only perceptive robotic process automation platform designed to automate any business process in the modern enterprise. Complex business and IT work processes from procure-to-pay, quote-to-pay, HR administration, claims processing and other front and back office processes can be automated.

Ui Path (for Robotics Desktop Automation)

The most advanced Enterprise RPA platform, UiPath, has been designed, tested and proven to perform even in the toughest enterprise challenges.

UiPath was named the RPA provider with the strongest current offering in the 2018 Foreester WaveTM for Robotic Process Automation.

Splunk (for Operational Excellence)

By centralising IT functions, Splunk enables IT operations to get better uptime from mission critical applications and the ability to leverage their machine learning capabilities to avoid mishaps.

QlikView and QlikSense (for Business Intelligence & Analytics)

Going beyond query-based BI tools, Qlik’s Associative engine allows a combination of any number of data sources to explore and manipulate your information to find powerful insights you may miss with other tools.


Behind your business data is your competitive edge – these business analytics and data tools can help your business unleash your information to gain new thinking and visions for your business and your customers.

Teradata, ETL DataStage, ETL Informatica and Big Data offer options for business analytics and data tools.

“Heirloom” Cobol / PL1 to Java and Mainframe Migration

The groundbreaking Heirloom PaaS platform is the solution when it comes to transforming your mainframe workloads to agile cloud applications. Heirloom PaaS seamlessly provides a 100% Cobol/PL1 to Java migration of large legacy systems, whilst maintaining data integrity, user interface, business logic, and system security with 100% Accuracy!

We are proud to be the exclusive systems integrator for Heirloom in Australia and New Zealand.

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