Our global locations are positioned strategically to support our clients global developmental project needs.

As a global technology services company, our international experience gives us a huge advantage in understanding not just your local market but the world at large.

With the world economy expanding, there are incredible opportunities for businesses to position themselves for growth and take advantage of the global momentum.

Just like your business, our global business is dynamic and highly flexible, able to respond to changing markets while identifying and exploiting new opportunities as they arise.  Our global locations are positioned strategically to support our clients global developmental project needs.



The Australian economy is supported by growing business confidence with rising business investment and public infrastructure spending to support growth.

In readiness, Australian enterprises need to be dynamic, flexible and utilise their digital technologies to serve people and processes. Pioneering active enterprises that specialise in modifying innovations will be well placed to take advantage of the growth.

north america

North America

While the US economy may be outperforming other advanced economies, it is underperforming relative to its own potential. We understand that US companies need to tap into this potential and use this opportunity to rise above its competitors – an agile system allows you to respond quickly to customer demands and take advantage of these spikes.

LJM InfoTech opens the opportunity to access interoperable applications, integrate your digital platform across business units and embrace the full benefits of increased efficiency and your data.



The Canadian economy is on a solid footing, with expansion broad-based and across all sectors. With stronger business and consumer confidence, businesses need to make the necessary steps to improve their productivity to become more competitive.

LJM InfoTech can help Canadian enterprises better utilise their digital platform to innovate, scale and position their services allowing businesses to keep pace with the changing nature of their business environment, responsive to users and customers’ needs but also adapting to new market opportunities.



With high levels of employment and economic growth, UK enterprises need to strengthen itself from some serious economic challenges of the uncertainties held over by Brexit, long-term rising inequity, low real wages and a downfall of productivity growth.

Businesses that can shore up its IT infrastructure efficiencies and a system that can evolve quickly in the face of digital disruption, a platform that can flex, pivot and expand will be the enterprises that seize the shifting opportunities.

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