Helping clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses

We thought of many ways to describe LJM InfoTech. But the only one that matters to you is...

Operational Excellency

Transforming our client’s business, operating and technology models into a user-friendly, responsive and customer and user-friendly model.

How Do We Do This?

LJM InfoTech has proudly been in the making for over 35 years – we haven’t been around that long, but this is the time it has taken us to learn the skills, accrue the experience and build a strong team to be able to provide these professional technical services.

Industry-Based, Consultative Approach

Our unique approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses. Within each clients’ key business drivers, we deliver customised solutions for operational excellence by adopting industry-specific, industrialised solutions built on next-gen platforms.

Our Team, Our Difference

Our true value lies in our people.

Sourced from global markets, our talented team, are all highly skilled and communicable engineers to match our client's unique culture, to adapt and understand the intricacies of their business.

Our team looks at every challenge in the current IT space as a new opportunity to excel. Their special technical and logical skills apply fresh enhancements to applications to meet the needs of our clients.

Every team member ensures that the technology they are supporting is always producing results, by proactively finding the areas of leverage and business improvement.

Larry - LJM InfoTech

Larry McGean

Larry has built and managed technical teams for large financial and software institutions across the US, Canada and Australia.
Rama ljm infotech

Rama Madivada

Managing Director Australia
Rama has analyst and technical engineer experience where he Optimized business improvement, Mainframe migration and Payroll projects.

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