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Delivering Complex Digital Solutions In The Fast-Paced Digital Economy

Expert industry resourcing to match your business culture, communication and talent requirements.

Software Solution opportunities

LJM Pursues Software Solution Opportunities Around The Globe

Expert industry resourcing to match your business culture, communication and talent requirements.

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Improve Your Business Application Reliability, Performance and Efficiency

Expert industry resourcing to match your business culture, communication and talent requirements.

Our Services

Integration Services

Evolve your existing technologies capabilities by integrating new technology, built around the needs of your users and customers, to create user friendly, efficient and meaningful systems.

Integration Services

Seek the ultimate competitive edge by invigorating your apps, refreshing your system and uniting and energising your data.

Cloud Services

Embrace cloud technology to ensure a responsive enterprise that meets your changing business needs and demands. Its flexibility, scalability and reliability recharges your technology.

Cloud Services

Its flexibility, scalability and reliability recharges your technology into an efficient proactive powerhouse.

Transformation Services

Transform your hosting, migration, open system mapping, or mainframe porting, to see genuine improvements in resource efficiency and availability. Create better user and customer experience.

Transformation Services

Create better user and customer experiences and platform and business scalability to meet your changing business demands.

Automation Services

By combining the power of robotic process automation, remote desktop automation and artificial intelligence, your business value chain can be revolutionised. Create your competitive advantage.

Automation Services

Automating processes successfully and continually improving them, will see significant enhancements in customer service and increased revenues, creating your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

About Us

LJM InfoTech has proudly been in the making for over 35 years – we haven’t been around that long, but this is the time it has taken us to learn the skills, accrue the experience and build a strong team to be able to provide these professional technical services.

Our true value lies in our people. Sourced from global markets, our talented team, looks at every challenge in the current IT space as a new opportunity to excel. Utilising a development operations model, our teams’ special technical and logical skills apply fresh enhancements to applications to ensure that your technology is always producing results, by proactively finding the areas of leverage and business improvement.

Specializing in company-wide implementations of packaged systems

Let us transform your operating and technology models for the digital era

Partners and Technologies

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Transform Your Business

With immense pressure to constantly undergo digital transformation and evolve the way you conduct business today, tomorrow and next year, this is the time to innovate, transform your operations and serve your customers better.

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Let Us Transform Your Operating And Technology Models For The Digital Era

LJM InfoTech works across many technologies to open your businesses options to the world of digital enterprises. We team with leading technology companies across the globe.

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